Hey, salut, bonjour!

This blog is basically all about me me me (who else??) and my cliché life in Paris. I’m saying cliché life because my boyfriend (who I met under very cliché circumstances) and I live on love and fresh air. I feel like I live one of those poor-artist-in-Paris kind of lives. Maybe it’s true, or maybe it’s just some bullsh*t I just made up.

Anyway, I’m from Norway and I’ve lived in Paris for 1,5 years. I have a thing for giraffes, which is why they appear here on the blog now and again. So yeah, I’m a giraffe collecter and proud of it!

I also run a Norwegian online women magazine called Oh Chérie, which is about culture, society, sex, love and lifestyle, written with depth, personality and humour.

That leaves me to say thanks for being one of my lovely readers! I hope you will continue to stop by.

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